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It should actually say 'Who are BTW?' as BTW is short for the surname Bytheway, a family of musicians and woodwork enthusiasts from Manchester.

Woodwork technician Dave Bytheway and his wife Jane make the bespoke solid wood musical products from their home workshop in Urmston, Manchester.  Son Paul, and his wife Helen are both professional musicians and often come to Jane and Dave with ideas for products they 'need' for their home studio.  


Paul usually has a scrap piece of paper he's sketched an idea on, to which Dave frowns and starts to consider how feasible the design is.  This process has led to a small startup business being created with items leaving the workshop every day.  


Wooden crafts by BTW is a family company making high quality, bespoke products for musicians and studio engineers who want quality, functionality and style.  Paul and Helen continue to create ideas for Dave and Jane to make, so expect the product line to keep expanding!

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