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 Frequently Asked Questions  

Feel free to contact us via email ( or via the form on our contact page, we do get asked a few common questions though, so check below to see if it's one of yours....

Do you deliver the items fully assembled?

Generally, we flat pack guitar stands with some very simple instructions included.  All you will need to assemble them is a phillips screwdriver (and some very basic DIY skills).  If you live in the North West then we can meet you with a fully assembled stand, or we can half assemble the stand and deliver it (for an additional box and large item delivery fee).

How long will my order take to arrive?

Each item is custom made to your specification.  With the guitar stands for example, if you have 5+ guitars, this could be a combination of electrics and acoustics, so we will make this exactly the right size for the guitars you have.  This stops us from making up a lot of stands in advance and so extends the wait time. Depending on how many orders we have on (e.g. the mad rush up to Christmas) it should usually take approximately 10-14 days to get the item made and out to you.

Are some of your items made with laminates? 

None, no.  All made from solid wood, either Oak or Redwood.  We also don't use soft woods such as Pine, as we feel this compromises the quality and stability of our products.

What finish do you put on the wood?

We recommend a lacquer or Danish Oil for a natural sheen.  We can do whatever finish you want however (even bare wood if that's your thing).  In the past we have made items with oil, varnish, wax, chalk paint and gloss.  Please send us a message first if you want anything out of the ordinary.

How big can you make the stands?

We normally make stands for 4, 5 or 6 guitars.  Any bigger than this can start to affect the stability of the stand, so we recommend buying 2 smaller stands. Please get in touch if you want your guitars to appear on the stand in a specific order, as acoustic slots can be made at a different width to account for the difference in body width.  We are happy to have a go at all sizes and designs, every stand is made to order so can be modified to your specific requirements.

What type of wood do you use?

We use some fantastic local wood merchants who supply us with all solid hardwoods including English Oak, Ash, Maple, Redwood.  We can source other woods to suit your personal tastes, but it may take us slightly longer to source these so will delay the delivery time.

Can you make stands for any instrument?

We are open to trying new designs.  Recently we were approached to make a Kora stand so the musician could stand up and play the instrument without having to hold it.  This was for his looping show, so he needed to move between several instruments quickly.  We have also recently designed and made our first Ukulele stand.  We are looking into a double bass and violin stand currently, so will be adding new lines to the website shortly.  If you have a different instrument you need a stand for, please get in touch, we love a challenge!

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